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Winter can pose a challenge with a dip in temperatures and continuous snowfall outside your house. Here are some easy, unexpected ways to keep yourself and your family comfortable and warm without extra heating bills during the winter months.

Use Curtains

Keep the curtains open during the day to get sunlight. Shut your curtains in the night when it gets dark because that is when the temperatures attenuate, making it colder. The curtains act as an insulator and keep your house warm. Effective use of curtains can make a big difference!

Position the Radiator

If the radiator in your house is blocked by furniture, the heat is prevented from getting into the room. Move the furniture in your home to make some space for the radiator to operate, and you’ll see your house warming up faster.

Use Rugs

Rugs don’t only style up your room; they also help keep your feet cozy, especially if you have hardwood flooring or tile. They act as an insulator between your floor and feet, keeping your feet away from the cold surface.

Use Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be used to cover the back of your radiator if it is attached to an external wall. This will bounce the heat which disappears through the wall back into the room, making the place warmer and cozier.

Clean Out Furnace Filters

Clogged and dirty filters are one of the most common heating issues people face. Cleaning or changing them usually solves the problem. With clean or new furnace filters, the overall heating efficiency of your home or office will increase.

Use Hot Water Bottles

Beds tend to become cold during the night. A very easy and effective way to keep your feet toasty at night is to put a bottle of hot water at the foot of your bed, underneath the blanket.

Don’t Close the Oven Door

After you’re done baking and turn off the oven, make sure to leave the oven door open. The kitchen will fill up with the heat released from the oven, resulting in a warmer room.

Shower Steam

Once you are finished taking a hot shower, keep the door open to the rest of the rooms for the heat to travel throughout the house. The shower steam will also help cut down the dry winter air.

Hot Boiling Pot

The steam of hot piping water will certainly help warm up your kitchen. A tea kettle or an open pot can be used for this matter. Drinking hot tea can also help you keep warm from the inside!

Radiant Floor Heaters

If you’re out in the market, consider buying radiant floor heaters (electronic or hydronic), as the maintenance costs aren’t too high and give constant output.

Heat Reflection Panels

Radiator panels can be bought at relatively cheaper rates and easily installed. The panels make sure that heat from your radiators warm up the rooms and not disappear through the walls. They are used to bounce heat back into the room.

It is important to follow a couple of the practices mentioned above during the peak of winter. Without an effective plan to improve your home’s internal heating, you will be susceptible to the outdoors’ freezing chills during winter. You will be surprised at how effective some of these tips are!