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Fall is a time of the year when the leaves start to show hints of orange, the grass turns red, and pumpkins spring up everywhere. It’s the year’s most festive and stylish season. But fall with its cool temperature gives a cold welcome to your own home’s plumbing issues that may result in numerous headaches if you don’t take any action to stop it beforehand. If you do not cope with the plumbing problems in a proper away, you could incur pricey repairs during the holidays. Here are some commonplace plumbing troubles that crop up during the fall –

1. Frozen and burst pipes: As temperatures begin to drop in the fall, pipes can freeze. While water freezes, it expands, which is one of the reasons why pipes burst. In case you live in a colder part of the country, don’t forget to have a plumber set up unique products to insulate water pipes, such as a pipe sleeve. Plumbers can also install UL-listed heat tape or warm cables on your uncovered water pipes. If your pipes burst, the outcomes may be catastrophic, and the water damage can cause quite a lot of misery during a time of festive cheer.

2. Water heater failure: The incoming water temperature becomes colder as the floor temperature modifications change. When entering a warm water heater, chilled water can bring about a temperature drop of approximately 25 degrees. The water heater has to work much harder to heat cold water than when it needs to do the same to lukewarm water. As you start using the warm water heated by the tank, cold water enters inside it. This creates a necessity to heat the water continuously. As the system works continuously, there is a higher chance of failure.

3. Blocked drains: If you notice your sink appears to be backing up, leaves in your yard may be the perpetrator. During the autumn months, Leaves, specifically if they tend to collect in a single spot, can easily enter and clog your drainage system. The wind, rain, or even traffic can push leaves into piles. A blockage on your drains causes the entire house’s plumbing to clog. You can have a plumber update your drain cowl to prevent the problem from occurring. Different covers are used to cover specific drains, and as such, you need a trained professional to ensure that the covers and properly measured and fitted.

If you find yourself facing these issues, or just need a tuneup for your plumbing or heating system, don’t hesitate to give Snell Plumbing And Heating a call!