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Time and again, your AC needs some TLC to uplift its weary spirits.

Your air conditioning unit collects dust, debris, and particles as it circulates air, and this build-up of junk makes it work harder. Routine inspection and maintenance services are important to avoid potentially costly repairs and ensure that your unit continues to give the best cooling results, even during the heavy-use months. With everyone keeping indoors due to the COVID-19 situation, having a reliable air conditioning unit is a necessity. Thankfully, this doesn’t take a lot – just a timely tune-up service.

If it has been nearly over a year since the last maintenance service or your system is running on its last legs (nearing 10-15 years of age), hire a certified HVAC technician right away. Getting a diagnosis of your system’s efficiency can go a long way toward saving money and ensuring the comfort of your family.

However, always pay attention to the tell-tale signs indicating that your system is not functioning well. If you suspect any of the below symptoms with your air conditioning unit, don’t delay scheduling a service call with Snell Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning!

1. Strange Sounds

If you have lived with your AC for a considerable amount of time, it is likely that any unnecessary noise coming from your AC may not ring an alarm in your mind. However, what you don’t know is that an excessively noisy operation can sometimes end in a system failure. When the motor’s bearings are too worn out, it’s movement may produce a squealing sound. A shrieking sound can signal that the belt within the unit needs to be gripped or changed. It can also indicate that greasing is required to prevent friction in a metal element.

2. Bad Odor

Similarly, the air conditioning system or vents discharging unpleasant smell is a sure sign that something isn’t working properly. While an electrical smell clearly suggests an issue with the wiring, a musty odor indicates a mold/mildew problem. However, our technicians can help you address these issues and get your system back on track.

3. Increased Utility Bills

Is your electricity bill significantly higher than the previous month? It’s time to think back on your usage and the weather conditions of the last month. Among many reasons why your AC is consuming more energy, an inefficient AC is also a possible factor behind the rising electricity bills.

Tune-up service can help you find out whether your thermostat is at fault, home’s insulation needs to be updated, or your AC needs a thorough service.

4. Inefficient Performance

Your AC starts by blowing cool air only to get relatively warmer and warmer the longer it runs. Your AC runs non-stop, unlike the normal process of turning off when the desired temperature is achieved. Or you notice poor airflow and inconsistent cooling across different areas in your house, which can be due to a leaky duct, clogged filters, or both.

Many factors, like those stated above, can jeopardize your unit’s cooling efficiency as well as the energy bills. If you suspect any such irregularities with the working of your air conditioning system, it is time to schedule a tune-up service.

Snell Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in all types of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, water heater, and household repairs. With a fully-stocked truck, we are ready to take up any repair job you may have for us. Call us at 301-459-5888 to schedule your AC tune-up appointment today.