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You don’t realize the need to maintain your HVAC system until it stops running abruptly! The result is an uncomfortable temperature in the house and complete panic! To avoid such a scenario, it becomes imperative to take a few measures to allow the HVAC system to run smoothly throughout all seasons.

Here are some of the HVAC issues to avoid to have a worry-free spring and summer!

Refrigerant Leaks

For cool air to flow through your rooms, most condensers require an appropriate amount of refrigerant. If your unit starts leaking refrigerant, the smooth functioning of the unit will be hindered. Do check your refrigerant levels and have the issue fixed by a technician if the flow of cool air is absent from your unit.

Electric Control Failure

As your AC units are frequently turned on and turned off, the terminals and wires are likely to corrode. These wires then pressurize the unit’s compressor and fan controls, leading to its failure. So make sure you avoid turning on and turning off your AC unit frequently.

Dirty Filters

If your air conditioning unit is left with dirty filters for a longer time, the unit starts to work overtime. It also reduces the amount of cool airflow, thereby shortening the lifespan of the unit. You need to ensure the cleanliness of these filters by changing them out every 90 days.

Drainage Problems

The condensation pump on the AC unit is delicate and can break easily, damaging the water drainage system. As the damage becomes severe, it causes water to pool in the unit, pressurizing it to work harder and with less efficiency. To avoid such drainage problems, it is crucial to maintain your HVAC system periodically.

Sensor Malfunctions

Every air conditioning unit has a sensor attached to the thermostat that signals it to turn on and turn off. When this sensor malfunctions, it is unable to receive signals to cycle on and off. If your AC behaves erratically, it may only be a faulty sensor. Simply adjust the positioning of the sensor that should be adjacent to the evaporator coil. If the sensor is broken, replacing it is the only option. If the AC sensor problem still persists, call a professional HVAC contractor.

All these HVAC issues can be avoided or are inexpensive to fix. Usually, an HVAC technician will instantly detect these issues and evaluate the problem that goes unnoticed several times by you. This can be done when you periodically seek professional maintenance for your HVAC system. Contact Snell Plumbing Heating & Air to handle all of your present or future HVAC maintenance needs.