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Clean air vents and registers are vital for a healthy home. Day in and day out, vents and registers accumulate dust from inside your HVAC system. And if you don’t want dust to end up floating around your home or restrict your airflow, you must consider having the air vents and registers in your home cleaned.

Here are some simple steps to keep air vents looking great as well as reducing the presence of allergens and increase the efficiency of your cooling and heating unit at the same time.

Tips & Frequency to Clean the Air Vents & Registers In Your House
Find an extendable microfiber duster, a screwdriver, and a vacuum, and get started!


• Turn off the power connected to the HVAC system and cover the area below, especially your furniture
• Use the extendable microfiber duster to vacuum the vents carefully
• Next, clean the ducts as much as possible with the help of a vacuum
• Avoid using water or cleaning products, or you might smear the dust onto the walls and ceiling
• Change your HVAC filter every month

Twice Every Year

• Before cleaning vent covers, turn off the cooling and heating system
• Pull out the smaller vent covers by detaching each corner. The vents covers will possibly be filled with dust on the interior and exterior. To clean the covers, place them in a sink filled with hot, soapy water and use a microfiber cloth to wash them
• Use a tiny amount of dish detergent for this purpose. Please do not soak the vent covers for an extended period or rub them too hard.

• Depending on the type of heat you have in your home, the dirt on the covers may or may not be oily. Rubbing alcohol can cut through oily residue, so make use of that wonder, but be careful so as not to damage the cover’s paint.
• Before reinstallation, ensure the covers are entirely dry; otherwise, dust particles will stick to the vent slats.
• Finally, use a microfiber cloth to remove water spots and make your vent covers appear perfect.

Make it a habit to clean air vents and registers at regular intervals to keep the home clean and allergy-free. Let yourself and your family breathe fresh and easy because the dirt, grime, dust, debris, and ickiness would be gone out of your house with a thorough cleaning of your air vents and registers.

For more information on and help with clean air ducts and air registers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Snell Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.