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Beating the summer heat is hard to do when you are living in an older home! Since most older homes were never built to take in modern amenities but to utilize natural breeze for cooling, it’s possible that your home does not have appropriate ductwork for air conditioning systems. In fact, most families have to depend on noisy and inefficient window units to maintain a tolerable temperature in the home.

Certainly, updating your older home to include modern conveniences can be a challenge. But it is not impossible, especially when it comes to central air conditioning systems. Whether your home has got a duct network or not, upgrading to a central cooling system is more affordable, efficient, and less disruptive than you have thought it to be!

If you pine for a cool and comfortable home in summer, a central air conditioning system of the right size and with appropriate energy-efficiency rating is the perfect solution for you. Here are some of the benefits that come with choosing a dependable central air conditioning unit over traditional cooling systems!

Don’t Have Ductwork? No Problem
Central air conditioners are mostly split systems. This means that the condenser unit is placed outside while the fan-and-coil units are mounted on the walls of every room that requires cooling. These two units are connected through a network of pipes, which can be placed tactfully to appear as a part of the gutter-and-downspout system. It’s the best choice if your home’s walls are too thin to lay a duct network through them or you don’t want to damage their artistic value in case you have a historic home.

More Convenient Than The Traditional Window Units
Let’s face it, a central air conditioning unit provides even better cooling results at a lesser energy consumption rate. Also, you are no longer required to take down and put up your window units every time the season changes. Central air conditioning units are extremely dependable as they have hard-wearing parts, which result in fewer breakdowns.

Better Control Across Multiple Rooms
A central air conditioning unit can provide excellent cooling results across multiple rooms or your entire home at once. This means you don’t have to invest time and energy in maintaining multiple individual units. You can choose between a system that provides uniform cooling throughout the home or a zoned system which offers you control over setting preferred temperatures for each area of your property.

Other Benefits Include:
● A central air conditioning unit helps reduce humidity levels. This helps in creating a healthy indoor environment by preventing mold growth and reducing air contaminants. As a result, the air quality in your home is significantly improved.
● If your home already has ductwork for a furnace, then a central air conditioning system can be integrated into the existing ductwork. By further replacing your furnace with a heat pump, you don’t have to deal with separate heating and cooling systems.
● In case you need to install a central cooling system and replace your old heating system at the same time, you can choose packaged systems that combine both the heating and cooling functions in one central unit. These packaged systems also allow you to save space and reduce energy consumption by eliminating the requirement of separate furnaces.

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