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The issue of whether flushable wipes should be banned from bathrooms is a debate among many plumbers. The conclusion is, flushable wipes have the power to clog your toilets and the sewers of the city.
If you think of the bigger issue with flushable wipes and understand that these wipes not just harm us, our bathrooms but also the environment, you may rethink about using them in the future.

Here are a few reasons why flushable wipes should not be used in your bathrooms:

Clogged Toilets
The flushable wipes do not immediately disintegrate when they enter the sewer pipes. Due to the presence of non-biodegradable plastic fibers, the wipes do not dissolve, but they start accumulating together along with other waste materials and can cause a clogged toilet. Plumbing and cleaning service providers consider disposable wipes to be one of the primary reasons for clogged toilets. A regular toilet paper is easily disintegrated in the drain and must be used as a substitute.
Along with flushable wipes, you should not dispose of other cotton-like fibers, dental floss, band-aids, condoms and sanitary pads in the bathroom. These may result in clogging our bathroom drain pipes and also the sewer your city.

Not Environment-Friendly
Flushable wipes, when goes down our drains, do not magically disintegrate. The plastic fibers in wipes are not biodegradable. These wipes make their way down the servers and mix with the oceans where sea creatures like turtles ingest them. They often mistake them for jellyfish and can then die of either poisoning or choking from them.

Presence Of Harmful Chemicals
Flushable wipes are coated with chemicals, which harm our body when we use them. These wipes are the significant causes of rashes on our body. Chemicals are added to these wipes to add fragrance which does not suit everybody. A regular toilet paper does not have any added chemicals which might react on contact with our body.

More Water is Required to Drain the Flushable Wipes
One of the significant downsides of using flushable wipes is that it requires a larger amount of water to flush them down the toilet. Usage of excess water is a big environmental concern. We have a responsibility to protect the environment. Preserving water by not using these flushable wipes can impact the environment in a big way with a simple change.

Flushable wipes do help to keep our body and bathrooms clean, but it has a dangerous impact on our environment. The clogged toilets, the clogged sewers of the city, sea creatures that are dying because of toxicity spread from these wipes are a few problems that have come up in recent years. Since they appeared in the market, flushable wipes have had the backing from those who are attracted by their claim to cleanliness but blinded by its personal and environmental impacts.

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