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Experts say that if taken care of properly, an air conditioning system can last up to ten years. However, with time, it tends to lose both cooling performance and efficiency, resulting in high utility bills for homeowners. Eventually, it becomes more cost-effective to replace the AC than keep on paying for its frequent repairs and servicing.

If this is the year when your AC is about to call quits, you would want to replace it before the summer rolls in. Here are some telltale signs that your AC unit is wearing out!

1) Your AC unit has reached its retirement age
If your AC unit is over ten years old, the chances are that it is already at the end of its expected life span. This is when you may encounter many AC problems that can cost you quite a lot. By replacing your old AC with a better system, you can easily enjoy comfort and cool air without going through the hassle of repeated repairs. If you find your old AC malfunctioning again and again, consider replacing it with a new one.

2) Your energy bills have increased
Have your energy costs increased considerably in the past few months? It may be because of your old AC system that has lost its efficiency. Older units often consume more energy to release the same amount of air. By replacing your AC unit, you can not only keep your home cool and comfortable but also save significantly in the long-term. It is a financially wise choice to purchase a new unit rather than paying too much money every month.

3) Your Ac requires frequent repairs
Does your AC frequently break down? Do you experience heat and uneven temperatures at home? If yes, then the problem may be your units’ leaky ductwork. Frequent repairs are another sign that it is time to replace your AC unit. This is especially common when an AC becomes old and inefficient.

4) Your AC has started making noises
The noise coming from your AC is the unit talking to you. When you hear a repeated clicking or rattling noise, it usually means that a component in your AC has come loose. Pay heed to the screaming of your air conditioner and get it checked by a professional instantly. If it is an old air conditioner system, it may be overexerting itself to take care of your cooling needs, hence making the noise. Regardless of the reason, get in touch with a technician to repair or replace it immediately.

5) Your home is no longer comfortable
As the performance of your AC starts degrading, it becomes hard for it to keep up with the heat outside. A new AC is far more reliable when it comes to keeping your home comfortable in the summer months. If you have got your unit checked and serviced and are still feeling hot and sweaty in your home, know that there is no option but replacing it.

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