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Spring is marked by the melting snow and pleasant beams of the sun. It’s an ideal time to go outside and admire nature. It’s also the ideal time to prep your AC for warmer temperatures.

Winter can wreak havoc on your home’s cooling system. But if you take a few preventative measures in spring, you can ensure the optimum performance of your AC and a trouble-free summer.

Here are a few steps to help you prepare your AC for the spring season –

#1 Change Your Air Filters
During winter, your air filter has accumulated dirt and buildup. It is vital to change your air filters so that your AC blows healthy air and performs at its peak. Usually, air filters need replacing every month. In case you have high-quality filters, they can last a few months longer.

#2 Check & Clean Air Ducts
Prior to switching on your AC, you should be certain that your air ducts have no leaks. You don’t want your unit to be working overtime to cool your home, leading to lengthy energy bills. You can schedule a home energy audit with experts to detect any air duct leaks. Furthermore, get your air ducts cleaned to help prevent insulation and buildup problems that can impact your ventilation and indoor air quality.

#3 Clean Around The Outdoor System
It has been many months since you last switched on your AC unit. So proceed with pulling off the cover from the outdoor unit and clearing off dust, dead grass, leaves and anything else that has accumulated around the unit or on the fins. Be sure to check the AC condenser every week during the spring “cotton” season.

#4 Turn On Your AC for Inspection
If you’ve removed protective coverings, you can now proceed with testing your AC unit. Go ahead, power on your air conditioning unit, give it one good hour and check if everything is running smoothly. This will help you address any problems beforehand. After all, you don’t want to be left feeling uneasy on an unexpected warm summer day.

#5 Get Your System Repaired or Replaced
If you’re facing trouble with your equipment, it is crucial to get it fixed now to experience hassle-free cooling during summer. In adverse scenarios, your AC unit may need to be replaced altogether. Remember, if your AC unit is old enough, you should consider investing in a new one. Failure to do so can lead to higher energy bills, reduced comfort, and risk the safety of your family.

Follow these 5 steps to keep your home and family safe and comfortable, and have a happy, energetic and worry-free spring and summer.

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