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What makes a bathroom look beautiful? Is it the various decorative accessories adorning the space? Or perhaps it is the sleek-looking fixtures that go perfectly well when matched with classic marble tiles? The answer to this mind-boggling question is fairly simple – whatever floats your boat is the perfect style for you.

However, there are a few trends that, as per the experts, are definitely going to be huge this year. Best of all, many of these fantastic bathroom ideas don’t even require a total overhaul, just a few small updates here and there. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom anytime soon, here are a few really great inspirational ideas for you!

1) Wooden Elements
This year, unpainted wood vanities will re-emerge into popularity. Whether it is driftwood, reclaimed barn wood, or stunning stained wood, many homeowners will choose wooden elements to bring back the natural feeling of calm in their bathroom. Wood incorporated with shower designs and walls will not only make your bathroom look cozy and inviting, but will also keep it stylish at the same time.

2) Statement Tiles
Tiles can do a lot more to your bathroom than you think. One of the most popular aspects of bathroom remodeling, tiles add a distinct character to your space. They make your bathroom look and feel a bit more personal and style affluent. Nowadays, it is easy to find uniquely shaped tiles coupled with vibrant designs and colors. Harmonious geometric looks, lovely chevron patterned tiles, honeycomb tiles in varying patterns are some of the go-to bathroom tile ideas in 2019.

3) Freestanding Bathtubs
Apart from being fashionably elegant, freestanding bathtubs are functional and happily one of the latest trends in 2019. You can find all kinds of baths available in the market – from a traditional claw-foot tub to a gorgeous marble piece, and more. They bring an old-world feel to the bathroom, and with the concept of luxurious baths and self-care routines becoming immensely popular, bathtubs are going to be on the rise this year.

4) Statement Art
This year, bathroom decoration will be all about making an artistic statement. A focal piece of art on the wall can add a stunning appearance to your space and make it look lively. Consider different sizes of artwork and unique framing for impact.

5) Sleek Cabinetry
Want to make your bathroom look more spacious without going for a complete overhaul? Add more cabinets! An excellent solution for your storage problems, these compact spaces keep you organized and promote minimalist habits. Simplifying the decor in the bathroom also allows you to rest and let the day’s cares float away for some time.

6) Amber Accents
A simple and cost-effective way to add charm to your plain bathroom is to decorate it with amber accents. Yes, amber is hot this year! And it can effectively change the entire look of your bathroom with little effort. Put a few of them against the neutral decor and watch as your bathroom suddenly seems to feel more welcoming!

7) Mirror Effect
A mirror is a must-have in a bathroom. However, adding more fashionable mirrors is one trend that can easily be incorporated into a remodeling project to light up your entire bathroom space. You can visit flea markets and antique stores to find mirrors of your choice. The personality these interestingly shaped mirrors have makes for a perfect bathroom update in 2019.

8) Tech-Infused Bathroom
If you have a bigger budget for your bathroom remodeling project, we would suggest you to opt for tech options available in the market. Motion detecting faucets, sensory lights, automatic temperature regulators are merely some of the products that can inevitably enhance your bathroom experience.

So here you go! Take inspiration from these ideas and come up with your own unique concepts. If you need any help with the plumbing needs for your remodeling project, feel free to contact our plumbing specialists at Snell Plumbing Heating & Air!