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Let’s face it – everyone has been the homeowner who calls for help when a problem has gone on for too long. By the time the call is made, the issue has become large enough that it is an expensive and lengthy repair. Hopefully, we learn from these experiences and no longer neglect issues when they arise. Part of successfully staying on top of maintenance, however, is knowledge. Here are 5 common issues to look out for in your plumbing system – all of which require a professional’s help.

Continuous Faucet Dripping

If your faucet will not stop dripping even when it is turned off, this is a sure sign of a problem. Not only can it cause buildup on your faucet, but it is a clue to a larger issue inside the mechanism. If your faucet leaks one drop per second, you can be wasting 3,000 gallons of water in a year! As soon as you see this common issue arise, give us a call.

Drains that Don’t Drain

You may think that pouring a store-bought solution down a drain is going to fix the problem, but most of the time, it only temporarily relieves the clog. Whatever the culprit is of your drain becoming clogged, it will return with a vengeance if it is not removed completely by a professional. We can also check if the draining issue is an indication of a larger problem.

Water Pressure Issues

If your water pressure coming from your shower or faucets is inconsistent, this usually is a sign of water pressure problems. There are various causes of water pressure issues, and it is difficult to diagnose on your own. If this issue does not let up in a couple of days, call your plumber.

Visible Water Damage

If you see water damage anywhere in your home, don’t wait. This is usually an indication that you have had a leak in your plumbing for quite some time and it has gone unnoticed. Check your ceilings, walls, and flooring often to stay on top of any signs of water damage, as it can be detrimental to the structure of your home. It may not seem like a big problem; however, slow-dripping water over long stretches of time can be highly destructive and pricey to repair and can create a cozy home for mold to thrive within your walls.

Severe Toilet Clogs

Don’t be embarrassed, because we’re used to it. Everybody needs to use the toilet, and sometimes, it clogs. It’s part of life. If you have attempted to unclog your toilet with no success, the clog may be severe enough to need a professional. Please do not let this issue sit and fester. Call us and let us take care of the clog for you to ensure your home’s plumbing system is working smoothly.